8 Forbestown Road

Live at place strictly reserved for life’s Great Masters.


In this township, we offer you not only exclusivity

but also the the view of the longest stretch of Manila Golf Course and enjoy your view of wide greenery at the heart of the city.

8 Forbestown Road puts you at the center of a realm

reserved for a favored few.

Here, take your place at the Forbestown Center, with its half-kilometer long stretch of superb Manila golf course views,

Makati Skyline

and the breathtaking Manila Bay.

 Indulge yourself just below your home at the strip of restaurants and shops in the famous Burgos Circle.

Satisfy your desire to be fit and healthy in a luxurious amenity area on the 7th floor. Saunas, jogging path, aromatherapy area, spa, infinity pool.

From your floor to ceiling glass windows, admire the verdant landscape—

with its shade trees, white sand and water courses—

as it changes with every play of light.

Luxury is a way of life in 8Forbestown Road and discover that the most precious moments unfold when you’re at the very top.


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